Visit “La Antigua” Guatemala

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Joueurs de Marimba, Rue de l'Arc

Joueurs de Marimba, Rue de l’Arc

Je vous présente aujourd’hui la charmante ville  «La Antigua»,  une destination touristique autant connue des Guatémaltèques que des étrangers, pour son architecture coloniale et ses maisons colorées. Continue reading

How to know that you’re in Central America?

20 facts I’ve learned

Traveling to a another country gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about your own culture. And when you go back home, you will be able to see it with different eyes.
While traveling in Central America, I’ve learned a lot about the cultures there and I want to share with you, what I’ve experienced. So here is the ultimate guide: How to know that you’re in Central America! 🙂

You know, that you’re in Central America …

smile in Guatemala1. … when people smile at you sincerely.

2. … when you see guards with big guns in front of each bank.

3. … when people call seafood “viagra”.

4. … when people are incredibly generous, helpful and concerned, that you don’t eat enough. Continue reading