Travels you never forget

Explore new horizons, and discover new cultures and ideas.
Connect with different people.

Nadim Rafael M.

Nadim Rafael M.

I’m your Special Travel Agent.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been organizing special trips all over the world.

I’m a homeless, nomad person, going continuously and slowly from one country to the other. I lived in countries like India, Nepal, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Turkey. I organized travels in places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Tunisia, Cuba, Ecuador, and Mexico…

I specialize in developing countries, remote areas, and immersion trips. I speak many languages, and I organize travels for all kinds of budgets.

You can know much more about me and all the other things I do by visiting my main website at:

To know where in the world I am right now, please check my Facebook or Instagram.

Discovery & Adventure

Amazing and fun adventures are waiting for you.

Retreats & Growth

Disconnect from your daily life. Connect with nature, and rethink everything anew.

I accompany you

You would like to travel somewhere, but you don’t want to do it alone?
I accompany you.

I travel to you

You prefer to stay home and have some projects there.
I travel to you.

Sacred Pilgrimage

Dive into your consciousness.
Let’s go and find the Shaman and/or the Sacred Plant.

How does it work?

Do you wonder how all of this works,
and how much can it cost you to Travel Smart?

Travel Smart!

Discover the World that is out there, and inside of you.

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