How does it work?

Every travel is unique.

We organize your trip together.


How much does it cost?

The cheapest way to travel with me is to join me where I am or where I will be (so that you don’t have to pay for me a flight to another destination).

Then, the minimum extra expenses you have to take into account is to support my own travel with you 😀

If you want to travel on a tight budget, you have to count on about 50 USD per person, per day in developing countries, excluding the cost of flights.

To enjoy more comfort and explore more activities, it’s better to prepare a budget of about 100 USD per person, per day.

From 200 USD per day onwards, you can enjoy luxury travel, always in developing countries.

If your travel destination is a developed country, you’ll have to double all the mentioned amounts.

Every travel is tailor-made. We discuss your budget and we prepare the trip together.


3 steps

1. We have to talk about a destination and a date.

2. Then we have to talk about your travel expectations and budget.

3. Once you book your flight, we have an appointment, and your dates are blocked in my calendar.

There is nothing else you need to take care of (apart from packing your bags).
I take care of organizing accommodation, transport, and everything else.


Planning or Improvising

There are two extremes in organizing a trip.

1. Book and organize everything in advance. Go for maximum security and minimum risk.

2. Book and organize nothing in advance.
Go for the chaos of the unknown.

I organized trips of those two kinds and many others in-between. I organized trips with kids, where security and planning are important, and other trips for adventurous people, where adrenaline and unexpected events are highly welcomed.

That’s why it’s important we talk about those topics before the adventure starts.

Travel Smart!

Discover the World that is out there, and inside of you.

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