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Nadim Rafael

Nadim in Floripa Brazil

My name is Nadim Rafael and I’m behind this web site initiative that I launched in 2013. To make a quick bio, I would say that I was born in Tunisia in 1980 and lived there till the age of 23. Then I moved to Quebec city in Canada. I studied in International Management, Tourism and Philosophy and I do projects and work within the same fields.



Anna-Kim in her garden in Santiago de ChileOriginally from Québec, I’ve spent the past couple years between Canada, USA, Mexico & Guatemala, working for tourism organizations and hotels. I am now self-employed working as an hospitality consultant, photographer, writer, wordpress website builder, fluent in French, English & Spanish with customers from Guatemala to Canada! I also spend my summers teaching YOGA for couple retreats at Club Gatineau, my mom & dad outdoor lodge nestled north of Quebec, a nature paradise to discover! With places & time passing by, I see our world changing, our consciousness rising and our spirits waking up to unification. Travel Smart is an exemple among many.  I want to be part of the change, do you? Be in touch!

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IMG_4383Hi, my name is Carolina and I am a therapist from Germany. Most of my life I lived close to the capital Berlin. I studied and worked there until the day that my spirit of discovery grabbed me and took me into the world. Since 2012 I fell in love with the life on the road and have lived and travelled in North America, Central America, and Asia.
Realizing my dream of an online therapy project, I founded online-psychology.net and talk to my clients all over the world using Skype. Apart from that I like to explore local arts and crafts for you to offer them in the Travel Smart! boutique.

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Other authors and contributors

Sylvain (Silbio) Girard: Nicaragua specialist and French guide – Ometepe Island
Nicaragua: +505 57311091
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We provide support and help for Smart Travelers everywhere and when we can.

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