How to know that you’re in Central America?

20 facts I’ve learned

Traveling to a another country gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about your own culture. And when you go back home, you will be able to see it with different eyes.
While traveling in Central America, I’ve learned a lot about the cultures there and I want to share with you, what I’ve experienced. So here is the ultimate guide: How to know that you’re in Central America! 🙂

You know, that you’re in Central America …

smile in Guatemala1. … when people smile at you sincerely.

2. … when you see guards with big guns in front of each bank.

3. … when people call seafood “viagra”.

4. … when people are incredibly generous, helpful and concerned, that you don’t eat enough. Continue reading

San José – Liberia, Guanacaste toward the borders of Nicaragua

The bus from San José to Liberia, Guanacaste

From San José to Liberia, Guanacaste, there’s a bus company called Pulmitan de Liberia. It’s at around 10 minute walk from the Mercado Central at Calle 24, Ave. 5-7 (ask for it in San José).

There are buses almost every hour and it costs around 8$.

San José - Liberia, Costa Rica

Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica – Lodging:

Liberia is not very touristy, but it’s close to the beaches and everything is more expensive than in San José : hotels, food, etc.

The best hotel we found at the best rate is Hospedaje Condega, here on Google Map.
The rooms are excellent, you have private rooms with private bathrooms, and other private rooms with shared bathroom. Very good WiFi, excellent owner. Prices around 10 000 colones (20 $ per night). All the other hotels I saw in Liberia are much more expensive!

Crossing the borders to Nicaragua

I met two excellent Spanish guys from the wonderful island of Mallorca, and we’re planning to cross the borders together tomorrow to Nicaragua. We know that the bus from Liberia (Costa Rica) costs 4$ and will leave us at the borders. But crossing the borders seems to be an unknown adventure as there are many unclear information. We’re supposed to pay something to exit Costa Rica, but it seems that since December 2013 we have to pay a tax of 7$ before getting into the bus, otherwise they wouldn’t let us leave the country. It also seems that to enter Nicaragua, we have to pay another fee, that we will discover then.

Once we have crossed the borders to Nicaragua, we will have to take another bus to either the beach of San Juan del Sur on the Pacific ocean or toward Granada.