How to know that you’re in Central America?

20 facts I’ve learned

Traveling to a another country gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about your own culture. And when you go back home, you will be able to see it with different eyes.
While traveling in Central America, I’ve learned a lot about the cultures there and I want to share with you, what I’ve experienced. So here is the ultimate guide: How to know that you’re in Central America! 🙂

You know, that you’re in Central America …

smile in Guatemala1. … when people smile at you sincerely.

2. … when you see guards with big guns in front of each bank.

3. … when people call seafood “viagra”.

4. … when people are incredibly generous, helpful and concerned, that you don’t eat enough.

5. … when the 15 year old buy from the shop next door wants to be your boyfriend and asks you for a kiss.

ox cart6. … when your taxi happens to be an ox cart.

7. … when you see people eating all day long.

8. … when women sit sideways on the passenger seat of a motorbike.

9. … when mangos have twice the size and ten times the flavor than back home.

chicken bus in Nicaragua10. … when you realize, that crowded busses back home are not worth complaining about.

11. … when “pan francés” (French bread) is actually just a normal bread shaped like a croissant.

12. … when the milkshake lady talks about milk and bananas and actually means something else. 😉

praise the lord13. … when you see religous messages painted on the walls of the houses.

14. … when people call you “fat” and mean it as a compliment.

15. … when pasta is eaten as a side dish for rice (10% pasta, 90% rice).

16. … when a 5 year old boy tells you “chacalele o morir!” – “fuck or die!”.

17. … when everybody warns you, that the neighboring country is dangerous (no matter if it’s Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua…).

18. … when you see at least 4 people sitting on a motorcycle.

19. … when adults talk a lot about sex (even in front of their children).

20. … when you feel free and light and happy! 🙂






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