Sacred Pilgrimage

Dive into the infinity of your consciousness.

Go on a Sacred Journey. Find the Sacred Plant.
Discover Hidden Secrets.


The Magic of the Universe

This special trip is about looking for and finding the Shaman and/or the Sacred Plant.

Entheogens, also known as psychedelics, are among the most powerful natural substances we know in the universe. Most of them have been used for centuries and millennia with the goal of performing religious ceremonies, connecting with higher spirits, and healing humans.

Using entheogens can be challenging. The preparation and the setting are crucial. I accompany you on this Sacred Pilgrimage.

What to expect?

This is a very personal trip, and the way it takes place will depend on many factors, especially on the Plant we will use, the country where we will go, and the degree of your preparation.

I mainly organize trips using Peyote and Psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico, or Ayahuasca and San Pedro in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, or Brazil.

We can also explore Bufo or Changa DMT, as well as LSD if you’d like to.

The Magic of Peyote
The Power of Ayahuasca

For What/Whom?

Entheogens have a supreme power. They can help you heal like they can help you grow up. It’s all about your intentions, and the way you use them.

This Sacred Pilgrimage is intended for anyone who would like to explore the boundaries of their fears and consciousness, the possibilities of their creativity, and the cosmic power of their minds.

My mission will be to help you prepare before the journey, and to accompany you during and after this incredible trip.

Please note:
I am not a shaman, and I do not possess nor sell any of those plants or substances.
I am just your Special Travel Agent, and I have some knowledge and contacts.

If you want to explore further, I already wrote about Ayahuasca, and about the Bufo DMT.

How does it work?

Do you wonder how all of this works,
and how much can it cost you to Travel Smart?

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