A summer in Eastern Europe

A flight from Bali to Athens

It was a long, long flight, after a stop in Singapore; but really worth it. After about 2 years in Asia, it was so good to smell the Mediterranean sea again and to enjoy the taste of bread and olive oil.

I landed in Athens in May, the sky was always blue, and the beach season was just about to start.

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1500 km and 4 countries

From May until September, we had enough time to live and enjoy… driving slowly from Athens until we reached Banja Luka in Bosnia & Herzegovina. We got to know the north of Greece, we stayed a long time in Albania, and we crossed the wonderful mountains and beaches of Montenegro.

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Lovely Saranda, Albania

My favorite place was Saranda in the south of Albania. We stayed there for more than a month. Amazing beaches, cristal clear blue water, cheap prices, beautiful mountains around, and view on the Greek island of Corfu with stunning sunsets. What else you want? People are very friendly, coffee is good, beer, seafood, everything… It was the place where we finished writing the 3rd and last book of our series “Buddha to go”.

Montenegro was also amazing, wonderful cliffs and beaches, but it is, like most of that coast, very busy in the summer. The extreme heat and crowds of August convinced us to go further from the beach and to settle down in Sarajevo where the climate in the summer is very moderate. We stayed in Sarajevo for more than a month, and we got to know the food, culture and the people. A lovely city. We had the chance to travel by land within the wonderful landscapes of Bosnia, until reaching Banja Luka in the north.

Tunisia 2019 –> 2020

From Banja Luka, we took a flight to Berlin, and then from Berlin, I took a flight to Paris. About a month in Paris, and then, with my brother, we flew to Tunisia. It’s vacation time! I’ll be in Tunisia until January, February 2020 at least! See you 😉

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Vietnam –> Bali –> Eastern Europe

It’s been a long time we didn’t give any news here, though our location is always accurate on my Facebook or on Travel Smart’s Instagram for example. Anyways, it’s time to put some news.

3 months in Vietnam

From January to April 2019, we have been in Vietnam. It was the maximum visa length, and three months passed very quickly, especially that we traveled through Vietnam from south to north.

Like usual, we learned a lot of new things in Vietnam, and we saw very diverse landscapes. The Vietnamese people are  peaceful and kind. Let us just post some of the most important pictures.

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There are very beautiful places in Vietnam, but to say the truth, it is not a place where I would like to live. It is very polluted (like many other places in Asia), noisy, and too crowded in the big cities. One thing we will miss for sure: the Vietnamese coffee.

Kuala Lumpur and Bali

In April 2019, from Hanoi, we flew to Kuala Lumpur where we spent around 3 or 4 days, and then back to Bali. We already lived in Bali around 5 months the previous year. But this time we went back because we had the visit of my mother and my brother who came for holidays. We met in KL, and we stayed at 3 different places in Bali. It was a very nice vacation 😉

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Athens and Ioannina, Greece

We almost all left Bali at the same time. My mother and my brother flew back to Paris. Carolina flew to Goa in India, and I flew to Athens, Greece. This was the end of a long journey in Asia, started around 2 years earlier in Nepal, and then from Nepal to Kashmir, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and back to Indonesia.

I arrived alone to Athens, and it felt incredible! Amazing temperature, blue sky, olive oil, tasty bread. Welcome to the Mediterranean world!

Carolina joined about 2 weeks later and together took a bus to Ioannina, in the north. Our plan was to get close to the northern borders. Since we were in Vietnam, we already had an eye on Albania.

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Saranda, Albania

We crossed the borders from Greece to Albania with the bus. There is a direct bus from Ioannina to Saranda. Albania is not in the Schengen area. We have the right to stay here for 3 months. Funnily, we had no stamps on our passports from the Albanian authorities!

Saranda is an amazing city. It is beautiful, quiet, cheap, not crowded. They don’t have sand beach, it’s a kind of gravel, but it is pure, clean and calm like a swimming pool. The water and the sky are both blue. Accommodation and food are about 20% cheaper than in Greece. You understand why we decided to settle down here for at least one month. But we will be moving more north in Albania from July 1st onward.

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We plan to spend the summer in Eastern Europe, maybe going north to Montenegro and until Sarajevo. But nothing is clear yet, so everything is possible. Let’s stay in touch and don’t hesitate to write or to come to visit. Let’s enjoy the summer. Cheers!

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