Travel Smart!

Travel Smart! is a project of human and economic development that promotes a different way of traveling in order to transcend borders, injustice, ignorance, barriers and inequalities in the world.

Travel Smart! aims to help travelers understand global issues, cultures and the world problems in order to contribute to human development and to take small efficient actions on economic inequality in a practical and sustainable way.

Beyond connecting people together for travel purposes, this Web site provides reportage on places and people and gives innovative ideas about sustainable business and economic opportunities around the globe.

Facing the big challenges of the world today

Planet AfricaIndeed, we live in a divided world. On one hand we throw a huge quantity of food in garbage everyday, and on the other hand and exactly in the same time, many humans are starving of hunger and poverty.

We also live in a world where in some countries people enjoy freedom of thought and speech while in others, people are jailed and tortured because they dared to say publicly some opinions.

Travel and Tourism

In rich countries, almost everybody travels once a year or once every two years. And most of them go to exotic and cheap destinations in what we call developing countries, which actually means poor countries sometimes living under a very strong political and economic pressure from rich countries.

Most of the tourists do not involve into poverty, dictatorship nor big injustice issues. They just take the plane and book a hotel on the beach ignoring that those people living in the visited country cannot even take a plane to go visit any rich country : they cannot because the plane ticket is too expensive for them, and also because, most of the time, they need a Visa to do that. A Canadian don’t need a Visa to go to Mexico, BUT a Mexican needs a Visa to go to Canada: Why?

Travel in a different way : Travel Smart!

Traveling in a different way means that you’re not a tourist anymore: you become a partner of the country and the people you visit, you support those people, not only financially, but mostly with your time, ideas, projects…

That’s what we’re trying to do here : Connecting people with other people, and giving them the opportunity of involving into common projects and long term relations.

Thank you for supporting us.


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