Help locals and travel smart!

Welcome to Elena’s Restaurante

Elena - Love & Food in San Pedro La Laguna
Elena – Love & Food in San Pedro La Laguna

On a volunteer initiative, my roomies Romina & Johana repainted, reorganized and helped-out with the menu of Elena’s restaurant in San Pedro La Laguna. We also rent rooms from Elena & her family. The restaurant is looking fresh & nice now and we are organizing a body paint party this afternoon to celebrate the work done and hopefully buy an oven with the benefits 🙂

Travel-Smart means immersion travels: Live like locals, let a positive impact behind you and have interest, respect and love towards a new land and it’s people. Not only take, but also give; to the earth, to the community,to the locals, whatever way you feel as doing so, creating connections between local & international populations, leading to projects, schools, friendships, families 🙂

If you come to San Pedro La Laguna, come down to Elena’s restaurant, located 2 minutes away from the Panajachel dock!

Our volunteers team of painters
Our volunteers team of painters
My new neighbours: Chaïto y Shentya
My new neighbours: Chaïto y Shentya (click to enlarge)




Published by Anna-Kim

Originally from Québec, I share my life between Quebec, USA, Mexico and Guatemala. I am self-employed, working as a sound healer, yoga teacher, tour guide, fluent in French, English and Spanish. Our world is changing, our consciousness is rising and our spirits are waking up to unification. We are all one and travel-smart is just an exemple among many more. I want to be part of the change, do you?

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