Tierra Mitica, Peru

For a lot of people, part of traveling is not only about the journey. It’s about discovery. Discovery of new cultures, scenery & in a big way the self. I personally have been on this quest for many reasons & was guided by sheer need & curiosity. Largely ignited when I learned of a place in Peru that offered a holistic healing workshop aimed at the body, mind & spirit. Tierra Mitica also incorporated Ayahuaska to facilitate deep healing of emotional scars & negativity.  Smokey

For those who don’t know Ayahuaska is a plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary. It is used primarily for divinity & healing purposes by the native peoples of Amazonian Peru. It is also a shamanic means of communication, typically taken in ceremonial session under the guidance of a Shaman. shaman

Giving in to my unrelenting inner voice was to be the best & most profound decision I have made for my life & my happiness in my 32 years of existing. I was unprepared for the magnitude of insight, knowledge, emotion & healing on offer. My mind was blown in every possible way. The workshop goes for 10 days & evolved constantly before our eyes. Gourmet breakfasts at 8am pushed us through until the wee hours of the morning during ceremony. Days were long but rewarding.

I shared the experience with four others who soon became like a family to me as we leaned on each other & learned together. Originally nine people, however due to overwhelming fears & doubts three people gave in to their demons & left after a short time. This is not for recreation or the unwilling. You have to trust & want it because It was hard, I’m not going to lie. The rewards however greatly outweigh the work required. P1060271

I felt safe & had more than enough support. Not just during the ceremonies but also in the hospitality provided by the volunteers there. These people are truly an example of clarity & well being. Owned & executed by a man truly inspirational with the most love & clarity I have ever encountered. True enlightenment in a person that I believe could potentially save humanity.

The workshop is about sharing life stories, including wounds & all to our guide & the group. Learning from your past with real insight to create a free & happy future of love & understanding. Lessons on the universe & how everything works with such clarity a five year old would understand.

If you’re looking for a game changer & seeking answers on life & what’s available to every one of us on this journey of life then I have found the voyage you’ve been seeking. You can be free from whatever blocks you’ve created from whatever the circumstances. I have witnessed incredible turn around in people whom had suffered in their lives & we’re relived of our lives in paradox & discomfort. I am living proof as every day is a treasure & exactly as it should be.


WEBSITE: http://www.tierramitica.com/



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