The Magic Journey

My adventure continues and would you believe I am back in the jungle of Peru. Tierra Mitica really captured my spirit and i am here now volunteering and learning more about how to stay conscious and help other people just like me coming to experience the lessons and journeys of the Grandmother Ayahuasca.

We just completed our July Mythic Voyage and it was the biggest group we have had and also the most explosive. So many transformations took place and the Voyage ended with an enchanted wedding in the art labyrinth by candle light, in the jungle. Mega Cool!

Beginning in August is the Magic Journey. An Ayahuasca retreat with all the trimmings and of course real magic. It is such an experience to have ceremony with the Shipibo people in a safe, controlled and beautiful environment with all the comforts of modern structures including real toilets, soft beds and hot showers. That, and the best Ayahuasca diet ever. Life is good! Structured as 6 or 12 day retreats for people wanting to have the Ayahuasca experience without the intensity of the 10 day workshop that is the Mythic Voyage. It is a lot more relaxed and other activities are available including dance therapy, drum circle and yoga by the waterfall. Ceremonies are completely optional as there are 6 ceremonies available for the 12Day and 3 ceremonies available for the 6day retreat. Everyone has the choice in how much or little they wish to participate whilst they are here, the lush surrounds are enough of a bonus to relax, ponder and marvel at the Amazon in action. 

Things keep evolving and growing here at a rapid pace and I am so amazed to be a part of it that sometimes I feel I am living a movie. Looking ahead to the next chapter not only here in the jungle but also on my journey I think I’ll stick here for a while longer and continue to enjoy the magic and education on offer.

Tierra Mitica, Peru

For a lot of people, part of traveling is not only about the journey. It’s about discovery. Discovery of new cultures, scenery & in a big way the self. I personally have been on this quest for many reasons & was guided by sheer need & curiosity. Largely ignited when I learned of a place in Peru that offered a holistic healing workshop aimed at the body, mind & spirit. Tierra Mitica also incorporated Ayahuaska to facilitate deep healing of emotional scars & negativity.  Smokey

For those who don’t know Ayahuaska is a plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary. It is used primarily for divinity & healing purposes by the native peoples of Amazonian Peru. It is also a shamanic means of communication, typically taken in ceremonial session under the guidance of a Shaman. shaman Continue reading