Going to San José “centro” (Costa Rica) from the airport

Taxi or Bus to the center of the capital

Like in all airports of the word, you have always a lot of taxi drivers “harassing” you to take a taxi before even you have time to breathe the air of the country you landed at. It was exactly the taxi driver who wanted to drive to the center of the city who gave me the indications to take the normal bus. He also asked if I wanted to smoke a cigarette 😀 Costa Ricans seem to be very nice people, relaxed and very courteous.

Cost of the taxi to San José: 25 US$.
Cost of the bus: around 1 US$.

Bus Driver Costa Rica
Click to enlarge

Costa Rica immediately made me think about Tunisia (not the landscape, but the behavior of people). You have here a very good example. If you click on the photo, you will notice that my first bus driver just faked to fasten his belt 😀


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