Entry to Costa Rica with one-way ticket (the end)

I already wrote two articles about US Airways telling me that they won’t let me take the plane from Montreal because I haven’t booked a return ticket from Costa Rica and how things went without any problem in Montreal.

Last stop at Charlotte (NC) before getting the plane to Costa Rica

The topic appeared again at my last stop in the US, at Charlotte (North Carolina). Just before boarding the aircraft, the agent of US Airways checked up my boarding pass and my passport and asked me if I had a return ticket. I just said “no, I don’t”.

She looked very busy looking at her computer screen. The plane was scheduled to take off in 15 minutes and I was among the last passengers to board the plane. The US Airways agent looked embarrassed and asked her colleague next to her what to do. She told me that Canadians need an exit proof to enter Costa Rica. That’s when I said to her : “Oh yes no problem, I have a bus ticket to Nicaragua”. She didn’t say anything else. She just gave me back my passport and wished me a good flight. So I asked her: “Would I have to show that proof of exit to the Costa Rican customs?”. She said: “Yes”. She never asked me for anything else!


Costa Rican customs

The customs agent asked me if I had a return flight. I said : no. He told me :
– Did you know that it’s a requisite to enter the country?
– Yes, I know, and that’s why I booked a bus to Nicaragua.
– Can you show me your bus ticket?

I showed him a screen print (on my phone) of a falsified bus ticket confirmation (it was a fake email confirmation) for Nicaragua, and he gave me back my passport and wished me a good stay 😀


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