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I am Tunisian and I grew up in Tunisia, more precisely in Soussa, one among the most beautiful cities in the world (according to me ;)).Tunisia - Mediterranean sea

Do you know many places with (in the same city) : bars, mosques, amazing beaches, incredible non-stop nightlife, food at 1US$, great wine, seafood, highly educated people, traces of many civilizations, Mediterranean amazing food, Muslim society ?

Yes, you have all that in Tunisia and especially in Soussa.

To make a very short story:
I lived under the dictatorship of Bourguiba and then of Ben Ali. I left to live in Canada at the end of 2002. In 2011 the Revolution exploded and I started an Immersion travel concept in Tunisia in 2012.

The Revolution:

The Tunisian Revolution and the famous
The famous “GAME OVER” – Tunisian Revolution

The Tunisian revolution is not only about Tunisia but about all the world history (and future). It gave birth to other uprisings in almost all the other Arab countries in the world but also inspired many movements in many non-Arab countries on the planet, from New York City to Madrid, passing by Quebec (le Printemps érable :D).

The Tunisian people will be on a very long way to defend and keep the freedom they earned. They will also be fighting against extremism, poverty, corruption. Travel in a Smart way to Tunisia can help: help the Arab aspiration to freedom, and help you understand what’s going on…

Traveling to Tunisia is easy, cheap, safe and it’s important to do it especially directly within the local people.

Into Tunisia Web sitehttp://www.into-tunisia.com is the Web site of the travel project I launched in Tunisia in the beginning of 2012. My family and some friends helped me on the ground and we got lot of travelers especially from France and Quebec. Many of them left us wonderful comments and reviews on the home page.

We also launched a Facebook page in which we report many stories, special places in Tunisia and special adventures…

The city of Soussa has the advantage of being very touristy but at the same time very “Tunisian”. That’s why it really worths it to visit the city without lodging in the hotel zone, but close to it 😉
On the page of Into-Tunisia you can have details about lodging within the Tunisian people with people I totally trust like my mother or my friends…

The special excursion guide!

My Tunisian best friend Montassar worked for many years as a professional travel guide and he now knows Tunisia from the north to the south. He also would be very pleased to help you in order to find a place to stay, moving from a place to another, or visiting some special places. Know more about him on Into-Tunisia.com page.


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