Warning: US Airways one-way ticket problems

US Airways has some hidden policies!

US Airways do not mention in their policies that they can prevent you to take the plane if you buy a one-way ticket to Costa Rica for example or to Mexico (like it happened to my friend Anna-Kim).

It’s clearly written though on the Web Site of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada:
Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada

I wrote to the embassy of Costa Rica and tried to call them two weeks ago without any answer.

The same story happened to my friend Anna-Kim who bought a one-way ticket with US Airways to land in Cancun, Mexico (December 2013). After her stop in Philadelphia, US Airways agents prevented her to take her second plane to Cancun. She had to sleep one night in Philadelphia and try to buy a bus or ferry ticket to Belize in order to prove that she will exit Mexico.

That’s why I guess my problem is not really with the customs of Costa Rica but could be directly with US Airways. So I called them today and surprisingly the lady confirmed to me on the phone that they will not let me go on board in Montreal as far as I have only a one-way ticket. I told her that I don’t want to buy a round-trip because I will not come back to Canada from Costa Rica, and that I’m going to Nicaragua. She said there’s nothing they can do for me. She confirmed to me that they will not let me take the plane from Montreal and also that they will not give me back my money even if they sold me this ticket without any special notice.

I told her many times that I tried to buy online a bus ticket or a ferry to Nicaragua but it was impossible for me to do it online, so there is no way I can prove that I will exit Costa Rica.

Summary and conclusion:

1- US Airways sold me a one-way ticket without any special notice.
2- They don’t want me to take the plane.
3- They don’t want to reimburse me.
4- I think they want me to pay them a round-trip that I won’t use to make more money.

It was impossible for me to convince US Airways to let me take the plane and solve the issue with the Costa Rican customs. They told me thy would have a fine if they do that. But don’t they mention it ? Is that a way for them to make more money ?


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