Live and work abroad – Guatemala

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Living and working in Guatemala

Business card Hotels-marketing

I have been living and working in Guatemala for 2 months now. It seems crazy but in reality, opportunities (and needs!) corresponding to your skills exist all over the planet! Trust your self, know your strengths, connect with locals and travelers and simply go! 😀

My business cardI work as a consultant for Hotels-Marketing, a tourism & hospitality firm built by my great friend Nadim, now exporting our services to Central-America.

More related to travel writing and photography, I work with a local tour guides association, writing their website in French, English and Spanish, plus following them in their excursions to take pictures and videos. 

Business management, accounting, marketing, online positioning & customer services are managed way differently by the tourism and hospitality industry here in Guatemala. Many businesses, hotels & tourism organizations don’t have a website yet and their staff don’t speak English either. People simply live day to day, doing their best to feed the family at night.

One of our clients in Guatemala is a charming hotel & restaurant on Lake Atitlán shores,  the Mikaso. We’re managing their online marketing, selling rooms online, we’ve put a booking system in place and given the staff tools & training to better organize and manage their bookings and operations.

View from Hotel Mikaso's room on lake Atitlan - Guatemala

View from Hotel Mikaso’s room

With so many tourists coming from Europe, USA and Canada, Central America’s countries surely need help in business development and management, especially online! So if you’re in that field, and looking to live and go abroad, get out there! (or contact me for any questions;)) Continue reading