The Magic Journey

My adventure continues and would you believe I am back in the jungle of Peru. Tierra Mitica really captured my spirit and i am here now volunteering and learning more about how to stay conscious and help other people just like me coming to experience the lessons and journeys of the Grandmother Ayahuasca.

We just completed our July Mythic Voyage and it was the biggest group we have had and also the most explosive. So many transformations took place and the Voyage ended with an enchanted wedding in the art labyrinth by candle light, in the jungle. Mega Cool!

Beginning in August is the Magic Journey. An Ayahuasca retreat with all the trimmings and of course real magic. It is such an experience to have ceremony with the Shipibo people in a safe, controlled and beautiful environment with all the comforts of modern structures including real toilets, soft beds and hot showers. That, and the best Ayahuasca diet ever. Life is good! Structured as 6 or 12 day retreats for people wanting to have the Ayahuasca experience without the intensity of the 10 day workshop that is the Mythic Voyage. It is a lot more relaxed and other activities are available including dance therapy, drum circle and yoga by the waterfall. Ceremonies are completely optional as there are 6 ceremonies available for the 12Day and 3 ceremonies available for the 6day retreat. Everyone has the choice in how much or little they wish to participate whilst they are here, the lush surrounds are enough of a bonus to relax, ponder and marvel at the Amazon in action. 

Things keep evolving and growing here at a rapid pace and I am so amazed to be a part of it that sometimes I feel I am living a movie. Looking ahead to the next chapter not only here in the jungle but also on my journey I think I’ll stick here for a while longer and continue to enjoy the magic and education on offer.

Eco Truly Park, Lima

If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would end up volunteering at a Krishna Eco village in Peru, I probably would have laughed in their faces. It was from a complete random conversation whilst staying in Lima I found myself at Eco Truly Park.

This place is an ecological, artistic community based on the Vaisnava principals & Indian traditional teachings. There is a strong focus on awareness, self observation, reincarnation, recognition & growth with the goal of being fully sustainable & 100% self sufficient. They open their doors & rely on the help of eager volunteers such as myself & the many other legends all there ready to get our hands dirty.

A typical day in village life is as follows:
7am- yoga class. A great way to start the day & wake up the body.
8am- Finish yoga & optional meditation to wake up the mind.
8.30am- Breakfast is served.
10am- With a full belly it’s time to get to work.
2pm- Lunch is served.

After lunch you are free to spend your time however you wish. Often there are art classes or activities for volunteers to participate in such a weaving or pottery for example. Chacra y Mar beach is located just across the road. It’s quite dusty but there are caves & nice walks to be discovered.

All meals are included for volunteers & are 100% vegetarian/vegan. Always hefty & impressive  servings of vegetables cooked any which way & accompanied by a homemade brew of tea or juice.

This was a unique experience & great way to learn by helping. As mentioned this is a Vaisnava community & every night in the temple there is a musical ceremony followed by a reading and discussion from a Vedic text. Anyone is invited to join and learn about Vaisnava culture. I found everything really interesting & the temple with its beautiful surrounds was well worth the visit.


Accommodation for volunteers:
$15 (US) a day for Shared rooms, separate for Men & women. $12(US) a day for camping if you have your own tent/set up. Individual rooms are available for a slight cost.


What you do generally depends on where the need is however you are free to express your interests & people with knowledge & skills in a particular field are considered an asset. Whether it be yoga, art classes, helping the kitchen, organic farming or language lessons. Note: 95% of the residents do not speak English however the volunteers are from all over the globe & good for a chat.

Bring toilet paper!! There is never enough of this necessity especially when you consider all the fruit & veg you’ll be eating!
The nearest town is Chancay (15min taxi) where you can go for wifi, ice cream, coffee or a cold beer as they are not allowed in the village.

From Lima airport, take a taxi to “PLAZA ACHO” at the end of Abancay Avenue, where there is a bus station called “TURISMO HUARAL”. You can take the taxi from inside or outside the airport: the taxis outside are less expensive (around 15-20 soles) and allow you to bargain. The taxi service inside the airport is a bit more expensive but also more secure.


Monday-Friday S/. 6.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays S /. 7.00
The company has 2 routes, so make sure that you take the bus along the route “PASAMAYO” as this will drop you closer to us. Frequency of buses , every 15 minutes.
Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Once you are off the bus it’s a simple Taxi ride (6 soles) to Chacra y Mar beach.

You can find them here:

Phone: (51) 993 196 797