Feliz Navidad from Mexico!

Article en français Merry Christmas from Tulum Mexico I must admit that being surrounded by palm trees & white sand beaches doesn’t really make me realize it’s  Christmas 🙂 But it is definitely celebrated around here! I participated to a “Posada de Navidad” at my friend Charlie‘s Bar, located upstairs of Chalupa’s hostel in Tulum.Continue reading “Feliz Navidad from Mexico!”

Romina, an inspiring Mexican artist

Article en français Romina from Quérétaro, Mexico I want to introduce you my great friend Romina Severino. She’s from Quérétaro, a town north of Mexico City. We became great friends during my last trip to Tulum earlier this year. She’s 25 years old and lives in the “Mayan Zone” since a year. Before, she usedContinue reading “Romina, an inspiring Mexican artist”