Teachings from the zoo

It’s been a while I didn’t share stories, so let me update about where life transported me.

I am currently in New York state, helping a friend as a Nanny for 1 month. We met last year in Chile while I was an Au pair. I’m putting the context out there to share www.aupair-world.net, where you can register for free and connect with families everywhere to home stay & help as a nanny. It’s small money, but it will cover most expenses plus it’s a great way to absorb a new culture and discover new surroundings.

Back to the zoo teachings: 

Yesterday, I went for the first time to the majestic Central Park in New York City, more precisely to the zoo. Between friends & kids, we were all cheerful, wandering from the sea lions to the snow monkeys, to the red panda, and finally to the mountain lion. From there, my perception of freedom changed.

The mountain lion looked at the crowd straight, intensity and depth in his eyes, ran around, roared for a bit (which truly sounded like a cat by the way) and came back to pose in front of the cameras. Loving photography, I was shooting over and over all happy, until our eyes met. I’ve grown up in the bush, and I surely believe the greater teachings come from mother earth and despite I was in an enormous concrete jungle, nature force still taught me an important lesson.

I started to feel sorry and sad for him, behind his cage. He’s in that fake environment, alone, forced to do this show for millions of unknow people daily. I thought he must be exasperated of this “circus”. Then, I remembered WE ARE ALL MIRROR OF EACH OTHER. 

Especially in New York – I stared around and it was obvious. We are all in a zoo at some point. Living a life that society taught us to be right, performing a show, putting on pretty clothes or even plastic surgery for unknown people to enjoy. We may not be behind a cage, as the mountain lion zoo in Central Park, perhaps we surely limit ourselves with our mind boundaries.

This write up is about freedom. Do you feel stock in your reality sometimes? Do you accomplish things for other rather then for your self? Well, you are not in a cage, don’t limit your mind perhaps allow yourself to freedom and happiness. Get out there. Courage and mindfulness shall help to everything.

As the zoo was closing, I seek for the eyes of the mountain lion to a last exchange. I didn’t feel sad or sorry this time, perhaps admiration. He did a yarn and kind of gimme a last eye saying, “well, at least I have food” , roar and left. 

ps. Thanks for sharing this post if you liked it 🙂

Mountain lion at Central Park zoo


Published by Anna-Kim

Originally from Québec, I share my life between Quebec, USA, Mexico and Guatemala. I am self-employed, working as a sound healer, yoga teacher, tour guide, fluent in French, English and Spanish. Our world is changing, our consciousness is rising and our spirits are waking up to unification. We are all one and travel-smart is just an exemple among many more. I want to be part of the change, do you?

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