Travel through Mexico like a Mexican!

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Cheap & local: Los Colectivos

You can get from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum for only 35 pesos (3$) with a small van called a “colectivo” (take a look at it on the map).

Colectivos are everywhere in Mexico (and in many other countries of south & central America). They are the local (and cheap!) transportation that Mexicans use to get around and go to work.

Colectivos are small vans of 12 to 20 passengers and are very comfortable. The vans are managed by syndicalist groups, for which each driver pays a daily rental. And since more and more tourists now take the Colectivos, tourism has become quite an important economic contribution for the drivers & their syndicates.

Jaime, a Colectivo driver super sympatico!

Jaime, a Colectivo driver super friendly!

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Living the Mexican way

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Where time doesn’t matter

Romina, from Quérétaro, lives in Tulum now

Romina, from Quérétaro, lives in Tulum now.

I spent my first afternoon on Tulum beach yesterday along with my Mexican friend Romina at Zazil’Kin (cabañas on the beach from 40$/night). I was realizing how much, we, North Americans, are always on the go. Mexicans surely taught me that time has another meaning. Sit back, relax, take the time to appreciate each present moment you are in, not worrying about tomorrow or later. 

*Prices are in pesos! (Beer = 2$)

*Prices are in pesos! (Beer = 2 US$)

So, putting in practice the Mexican lesson 🙂 Romina & I enjoyed the 2 for 1 daily special of the Zazil’Kin bar, spent the day swimming, suntanning, relaxing, practicing yoga. Don’t get me wrong, Mexicans also work really hard when it’s time to do so, but still, always keep it relax.

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