Lombok, Indoensia –> Vietnam

It’s been 4 months that we are in Indonesia, mainly on the Island of Gods, Bali. From December to January 2019, it will be our 5th and last month in this incredibly vast and diverse country. You can see our different locations in Indonesia on the map below.

2019: Vietnam

We will spend this last month on the wonderful island of Lombok, east of Bali. After the new year, on January 7th, we will definitely leave Indonesia directly from the International airport of Lombok, and we will fly towards Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) in south Vietnam after a night stop at Kuala Lumpur. The calendar is up-to-date here.

In Vietnam, we plan to stay for at least one month. But we will probably end up staying for around 5 months between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Let us see what 2019 will offer us.

Around Kuta Beach, South Lombok
Around Kuta Beach, South Lombok



Welcome to Bali, Indonesia

After around 3 months in Malaysia and 2 weeks in Phuket Island, Thailand, we finally landed in Denpasar, Bali on August 14 as planned.


We will be moving quite a lot in the next two months, and I will be updating our location on the map you see above.

Bali is a very diverse island with a lot of different vibes, mountains, volcanoes, different kinds of beaches, Hindu temples, etc.

It is also a highly seismic area and we are definitely on the Ring of Fire as we already felt at least 3 good earthquakes since we arrived here (in less than 10 days). Everything is perfect for now, the weather is good, the people are nice and the food is excellent. We will keep exploring the island and meeting some funny people. Don’t hesitate to come and visit us. Life in Bali is really amazing!

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