A summer in Eastern Europe

A flight from Bali to Athens

It was a long, long flight, after a stop in Singapore; but really worth it. After about 2 years in Asia, it was so good to smell the Mediterranean sea again and to enjoy the taste of bread and olive oil.

I landed in Athens in May, the sky was always blue, and the beach season was just about to start.

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1500 km and 4 countries

From May until September, we had enough time to live and enjoy… driving slowly from Athens until we reached Banja Luka in Bosnia & Herzegovina. We got to know the north of Greece, we stayed a long time in Albania, and we crossed the wonderful mountains and beaches of Montenegro.

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Lovely Saranda, Albania

My favorite place was Saranda in the south of Albania. We stayed there for more than a month. Amazing beaches, cristal clear blue water, cheap prices, beautiful mountains around, and view on the Greek island of Corfu with stunning sunsets. What else you want? People are very friendly, coffee is good, beer, seafood, everything… It was the place where we finished writing the 3rd and last book of our series “Buddha to go”.

Montenegro was also amazing, wonderful cliffs and beaches, but it is, like most of that coast, very busy in the summer. The extreme heat and crowds of August convinced us to go further from the beach and to settle down in Sarajevo where the climate in the summer is very moderate. We stayed in Sarajevo for more than a month, and we got to know the food, culture and the people. A lovely city. We had the chance to travel by land within the wonderful landscapes of Bosnia, until reaching Banja Luka in the north.

Tunisia 2019 –> 2020

From Banja Luka, we took a flight to Berlin, and then from Berlin, I took a flight to Paris. About a month in Paris, and then, with my brother, we flew to Tunisia. It’s vacation time! I’ll be in Tunisia until January, February 2020 at least! See you 😉

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