Welcome to Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa beach - Sri Lanka

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Or Welcome to Paradise!

After several months in the Himalayas, between Nepal and northern India, we finally landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka on December 14th.

Coffee on the beach - Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka
Morning coffee

We are now in a small town called Hikkaduwa, and we will be here for the next two months at least (see the map below for our exact location). We also plan to stay in Sri Lanka for the next 6 months.

We have a villa in a very quiet area surrounded by the jungle, and very close to the beach. The Internet connection we have is also excellent and we can provide any advice or support for travelers and especially for digital nomads traveling in the area. So don’t hesitate to contact us for some hints. We can also advice for prices, scooter rentals, lodging, Internet connection here in the area of Hikkaduwa. We already have reliable contacts.

Hikkaduwa beach - Sri Lanka
Hikkaduwa beach

The area is excellent for many kinds of activities like:

  • Long term rentals (entire villa for 150-400 euros per month).
  • Beach, snorkeling, surfing and diving.
  • Jungle, bird and monkeys observation.
  • Seafood, spices, fruits, drinks, cocktails, night life.
  • And a lot more to discover on the spot…

Have fun, happy new year and Travel Smart!

On the beach - Hikkaduwa - Sri Lanka
Preparing for sunset – Hikkaduwa

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