An immersion inside Buddhist Psychology


We started in the last days a new adventure that will last around one month and a half.

We are at the Root Institute for Wisdom Culture, at Bodhgaya, a city located in the state of Bihar, in the north of India (here on the map).

We have classes everyday, with meditation sessions, pilgrimages and silence retreats. We start around 6h45 in the morning and we finish around 8h30 in the evening, with many breaks in between. No alcohol, no marijuana, no meat…

The classes we will attend are:

  • Thought Transformation
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Death and Living a Meaningful Life
  • What is the Mind?


Our meditation and class room at the Root Institute - Bodhgaya
Our meditation and class room at the Root Institute – Bodhgaya


Bodhgaya is famous for being the place where the Buddha reached enlightenment. We are also here because Carolina is a Psychologist and she already uses Buddhist Psychology tools with many of her patients.

I will only be online for really important things that cannot wait. Otherwise, I will be back online in December.

Let us hope that everything we will learn will be useful for us and for others.

I dedicate those last words to our family and friends in Kashmir:
Thank you for everything. We love you and we miss you. We think about you.

See you in December 😉


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