Afternoon at Club Gatineau (live video!)

And this is how the day ended at Club Gatineau !

Une belle fin de journée au Club Gatineau, on glisse!

The snowmobile paradise

Snowmobile paradise:  Club Gatineau in the “Hautes-Laurentides”

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Winter at Club gatineau

The «Laurentides» , the region right up north Montreal, is a must to discover during Quebec Winters. Lots of evergreens, white hills everywhere, frozen lakes & rivers, it really looks magic and peaceful when snow gets here. Snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling are among the common activities to do around here.

Marc, owner of Club Gatineau, is a snowmobile guide for over 20 years. He says that the «Laurentides» are great for snowmobiling, but that the «Hautes-Laurentides» (upper north of Mont-Tremblant) are wilder, less crowded and offer more off-trails possibilities. Club Gatineau offers a la carte snowmobile packages, including meals & cabins rentals. You can either bring your own snowmobile or rent one in Mont-Laurier, the closest city. Club Gatineau also host many snowmobilers and they provide a special «dinner-sleep-breakfast» package at 95$/person for them.

Despite we are only in November, well we had the chance to snowmobile last week-end. A friend of mine brought down his snowmobile and as we were 4 people wishing to ride, Mark offered us to borrow a sled, which we happily tied it up to the snowmobile. We ride down to the Cesar falls with our cool set up.  We were alone in the trail as we’re so early season. We had lots of fun as you can hear & see in this video.

Paradis de la motoneige: Le Club Gatineau dans les Hautes-Laurentides

Les Laurentides l'Hiver

Les Laurentides, la région juste au nord de Montréal, est un vrai paradis de plein-air en hiver. Continue reading