Bucanero: 100% cubana!


“La cerveza” or beer (my favorite is the Bucanero) is everywhere and you can buy some 24/24, 7/7. This is why I hardly ever drank water there!

“Busca negro” (looking for a black guy): a word play with sexual connotations known in Cuba.

Humor is very present… Cubans have a highly developed sense of humor. In Havana, they laugh especially about tourists of course 🙂

La bandera Cubana* !

* The Cuban flag !

Cuban flag

Cuban flag

Cuba is an incredible surreal country. This is one of the last communist countries in the world, a true relic of the days of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.

It is a country that is extremely closed (politically) and at the same time very open through mass tourism and artistic production.

Cuba suffers a lot from the U.S. embargo and its global isolation. In 2011, Cubans have almost no access to the Internet, many have no water at home, food is rare or very expensive. Continue reading