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The French America

There is only one place on the American continent where people speak French: Welcome to Quebec!Quebec, Canada

Quebec is definitely an exceptional nation on the continent. People from France say it looks closer to USA than to France; and people for the US say that it looks more like France than like the US.

Quebec is surrounded by English speaking countries and Quebecers are proud of their Quebecer French and culture.

Quebec is a province of Canada and its capital is Quebec City. The largest city and the most multicultural is Montreal in the south, close to the US borders.

Quebec city

Quebec City

I live in Quebec city since 2003, so I got to know it very well and I have many contacts in the city whether it is for traveling, studying or making business.

I studied in Quebec City for many years at the Université Laval so I have an idea about how it works and I can help you with that or refer you to the right person; don’t hesitate to contact me 😉

A very charming Auberge at Quebec city!

Junior Suite - Auberge du Quartier Quebec city
The Junior Suite at Auberge du Quartier, Quebec city

I started to work for the Auberge du Quartier in 2005. With the help of many colleagues, we built up the marketing of this nice Boutique Hotel in the heart of Quebec City.

It is located on Grande Allée, right in front of the National Museum of Art, facing the wonderful Battle Fields.

Prices range from 89 $ to 189 $ in high season. But the best way to get the best price is to contact me, I can maybe find the best deal for you 😉

Experiencing Quebec wild nature

Club Gatineau map
Click on map to enlarge

Club Gatineau is owned by very good friends of mine, around 4 hours drive up north from Montreal.

They offer chalet rental for all the seasons, and they have a total of 5 chalets (cabins).

For groups, they can also include food and beverage, or you can cook on your own as the cabins have fully equipped kitchens.

Prices start at around 60 $ per person per night for two people, but the more you are, the cheaper it is.

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