Looking for an accommodation in Tulum?

I deeply fell in love with Mexico as soon as I got here first time in 2009. So much, that I left my normal Canadian life, job, apartment and transformed my three weeks vacations into a 5 months immersion trip! Since then, Mexico became my second home.

While most North Americans buy all-inclusive packages in resorts, Mexico’s true identity shines through its streets, people, food, art, music, OUTSIDE the resorts and have nothing dangerous to be worried about. A Mexico immersion means laid back people, stunning beaches, happy fiesta, jungle & cenotes, mystical temples, Mayan culture, vibrant cities and amazingly delicious food. And cheap beer (I’m just saying ;)).

You can fly into Cancun or Mexico city in just few hours from most major US and Canadian cities at a very reasonable price throughout the year.


Map of Mexico showing Tulum & CancunTulum is located only 2 hours south of Cancun airport and gives you theopportunity to explore the Riviera Maya off the beaten path, surrounded by an enchanting beach, crystal blue water, close to some very interesting Mayan ruins with the jungle at your door.

Tulum accommodations

Hostal Chalupa is right at the entrance of Tulum pueblo, at the corner of the beach road. You can have a bed in a dorm from 11$ per night!!  They have a small pool, a bar, they cook good food on site or you can cook your own, they rent cheap bikes to get to the beach, organize movie nights,  plus staff & owner are super friendly.

On the beach,  get to Zazil Kin. They rent cabañas for about 45$/night with shared bathroom. I’ve always loved this place, cause it’s well located (1 km down the ruins), they have a cool beach bar with 2 x 1 daytime specials, a super relax vibe and staff is generally Mayan.  This beach is also the departure point for most locals fishing, snorkelling and diving tours to Tulum’s reef. 

And just beside, you can also find
Adelita, which host a younger crowd, thus great fiesta and good fresh food.

If you’re looking for a more “North American standards” accommodation (no bugs & hot water), the hotel zone beach side is full of pricy options. Rooms with private bathroom can be found starting at 150$/ night at Cabañas Tulum, including a full plated breakfast at Ziggy’s. The Beach, their luxury  property right beside, offers designed pool, in-room jacuzzis, king size beds, roof top terraces, beds on the beach and concierge services with rates starting at 250$/night.

Excursions & adventure

Me in a Cenote near Cobá ruins in 2012

Diving, snorkelling, cenotes explorations, Mayan ruins tours are among the most popular activities in the Riviera Maya and the tours companies are numerous. I suggest you to get in touch with Jessica & Antonio from Yucatan Outdoors : they’ll give you real nature experiences and they are knowledgeable guides. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly for questions and recommendations, depending on your interests.

Local food

Try out Puro Corazon along Tulum beach road. 

Puro Corazon Restauran in Tulum

This restaurant serves a fusion of mexican food and contemporary cuisine and everything on their menu is fresh & delicious! A warm atmosphere, original cocktails and live music events throughout the week makes this place a most in Tulum. With a name meaning “pure heart” you can imagine how the staff and owners are sweet.  Beer is at 3$, cocktails around 6$, starters between 5$ and 10$ and main dish around 15-20$.


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