Looking for: a trustful Casa particular in Havana?
A music and dance friend-guide?

I went to Cuba for the first time in the end of 2010 and I stayed a month in Havana with a Cuban family that has a Casa particular.

Carribean sea

The American embargo and the “communist” regime make Cuba a very exceptional country in Latin America but also in the world. Located among the most beautiful sea of the world, the Caribbean sea, and even if it is extremely close to USA and to Mexico, Cuba remains very “far” from those countries except that it speaks Spanish (like in Florida 🙂 ); apart from that, moving from Mexico to Cuba is like moving to another planet.

At the time, I’m writing this line, and hoping it will change quickly. Cubans unfortunately don’t have the right to host tourists at their houses. Nevertheless, the government gives a permission for what we call in Cuba a “Casa particular”, a kind of bed and breakfast system where travelers can lodge with Cuban families.

Casa particular

Casa particular on CouchSurfing

Last update: April 2018 – I stayed one month in Havana in the Casa particular of Marianni (the daughter) and Mariluz (the mom), and since 2011, I’ve been referring many travelers to them within my friends and also a CouchSurfing page (this page has been suspended in April 2018 – We hope to have Airbnb and a pages soon).

This Casa particular is extremely well located. I trust those people and they are my Cuban family.
Here are the details you need about it (tell them you were referred by Rafa el Árabe! 😉 ) :

Room - Casa Particular Havana
Picture of the room

Price: 20 CUC per night per room (whether you are 1 or 2 people).
A very generous breakfast is included (eggs, coffee, fresh juice, delicious bread…)

Private room and bathroom.
Double bed.
Air conditioner

351, San Nicolas between San Lazaro and Malecón.
Centro Habana, Cuba

Phone: +53 78 64 51 59
Mobile: +53 53 89 47 00

Logo of a Casa Particular
Logo of a Casa Particular

Google map link:

You have questions about Cuba or Havana? Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me your questions.

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The Havana music & party guide!

Update (June 2017): Yoyi is not in Cuba anymore.

Havana is the “paraíso” of music and dance ! The shows, the music, the atmosphere and the energy are at their highest level. But it’s always better when you are with locals so you can know what’s happening and where 😉

Yoyi, the music and dance guide
Yoyi, working during the International Festival of Jazz (Hotel Nacional, 2010)

My best Cuban friend Yoyi is by chance a “técnico de audio !” (a sound technician). He knows all the music scene of Havana like he knows his pocket, and will be able to tell you what’s happening and where. He is also an excellent dancer and a party guy. The only thing is that, like most Cubans, he doesn’t have a frequent access to Internet.The best way to contact him is once you are there by phone. You can send him an email before though. I put you here the information you need :
Tell him you’ve been referred by his friend “Rafa el terrorista” (that’s my Cuban nickname!!) 😉

Facebook: Jorge
Cell.: +53 52 52 97 39


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