The butterflies’ secret.. a tale by a city girl

IMG_1317Northern Thailand, the countryside with its ever lasting green lands, I take a deep breath of real fresh air and admire the surroundings. We just landed at Sakon Nakhon’s airport and we’re driving to my mother’s friends family house. I’m sitting in the box of the pick up truck and relishing every second of it. Living in a big city, rarely do I get to enjoy that kind of scenery, vast green plains, very few other cars, not even a cow in sight, just us and the road. The wind is making my hair dance, while “The Pixies, Where is my mind?” is playing in my ears. I suddenly press pause on my iPod and ask myself the question for real; Where is my mind? Continue reading

Teachings from the zoo

It’s been a while I didn’t share stories, so let me update about where life transported me.

I am currently in New York state, helping a friend as a Nanny for 1 month. We met last year in Chile while I was an Au pair. I’m putting the context out there to share, where you can register for free and connect with families everywhere to home stay & help as a nanny. It’s small money, but it will cover most expenses plus it’s a great way to absorb a new culture and discover new surroundings.

Back to the zoo teachings: 

Yesterday, I went for the first time to the majestic Central Park in New York City, more precisely to the zoo. Between friends & kids, we were all cheerful, wandering from the sea lions to the snow monkeys, to the red panda, and finally to the mountain lion. From there, my perception of freedom changed.

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