At Travel Smart we are also an international team of professional consultants in the fields of tourism, hospitality and travel marketing and strategy.

Web site

The strength of our team comes from our knowledge of traveling, tourism, hotels and of Web marketing, Internet technologies and strategies too. We offer mainly those services:

  • Web Site design and programming.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Google AdWords and Social Media (Facebook, etc.) strategy.

Online reservation

Almost all travelers use Internet now to gather information about destinations and hotels. Many of them book through OTA (Online Travel Agents) like Expedia or, or directly through your own Website. Our mission is:

  • Install on your Website an online booking engine that suits your needs.
  • Maximize your online visibility on other Websites and OTA and keeping your content updated.
  • Track bookings, analyze statistics and give you the best advices to lower your commissions costs.

Revenue management

In the hotel industry, like in the airline industry, prices can be very variable. An unsold hotel night or an unsold flight seat cannot be sold the day after, but the fixed charges stay almost the same for a hotel 80% full or 90% full, same thing for a plane half full or totally full. That’s why many companies try to optimize their prices in order to get the best occupancy at the best rate. We call this practice Revenue or Yield management. On the other hand, we notice that the consumer makes searches on different Web sites that allow him to compare many services and prices before taking any decision. Hence, keeping competitive and flexible prices is an important step for the success of your business. He is what we can do for you:

  • Analyze the prices of your competitors and recommend the best pricing strategy.
  • Determinate the best pricing structure for your business regarding room categories, seasons, days of the week, special dates and events.
  • Manage extranets and online reservation systems.
  • Analyze statistics of revenue and occupancy to improve your pricing strategy.

On-site management and coaching

The quality of service your offer to your clients is in the heart of your success. We can spend time on-site and make a diagnosis of your practices, train your employees and improve your procedures.



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