Standard of living in a country of the world

How much money do you need to live somewhere ?

This is a frequent question I had from travelers, and I wanted to give an easy tip to know very quickly how is the cost of living in a country and how the economy is there.

All you have to do is to check the GDP per capita in the country and compare it with other countries you know.
You can find this information on Wikipedia at : List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita.

Cost of living
Artist : Awantha

Examples of GDP per capita (2012 – Source : Wikipedia) :

  • Costa Rica : 12 946 $.
  • Nicaragua : 4 072 $.
  • Canada : 42 533 $.
  • France : 36 104 $.
  • Tunisia : 9 795 $.



This information very quickly indicates that you can live with 4000 $ for a year in Nicaragua for example, which makes around 340 $ for a month.

Add the fact you’re a traveler, so life for you could be more expensive : 600 $ for a month.

You like alcohol? 800 $ a month… 😀


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