Club Gatineau: a wonderful outdoor lodge

Imagine a place where you feel almost alone in the world, surrounded by nature within kilometers around, the sounds of water falls coming from far and the sounds of some birds in the middle of nowhere!

Club Gatineau Google MapHere we are: about 300 km at the north of Montreal at an amazing place called the Club Gatineau where amazing people are there to host you.

Web site:

A day at the Club Gatineau

Anna-Kim and the dogs

We’re on November 15th, and there is already a lot of snow here. Last week, the temperature went down till -17°C!! My friend Anna-Kim and I went to take a long walk with the dogs 🙂






Gatineau River



The view on the Gatineau River was amazing and the water was very calm. This is exactly the kind of view you have from the lodge.





Anna - Wood

This is what we did during the day, and what we will be doing for the next days: preparing the wood to heat for the winter 🙂


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