Life in Mérida, Ometepe Island – Nicaragua

Looking for accommodation in Mérida? Ometepe is a famous island within the lake Nicaragua (locate it on the map). It has been formed by two volcanoes, that’s why the island has still the shape of two circles, which are divided by the Istián river. The highest volcano, called Concepción, is still active and erupted forContinue reading “Life in Mérida, Ometepe Island – Nicaragua”


Lodging & Kayak in Mérida, Ometepe Island : El Caballito del Mar

El Caballito del Mar – Accomodation & Kayak tours Mérida, Isla de Ometepe (Map) Phone (main) : +505 88 42 61 20 Phone (other) : +505 84 51 20 93 Accommodation Kayak Tour Restaurant & Bar How to get there? TripAdvisor   Tired of working in Spain, his home country, Fernando went toContinue reading “Lodging & Kayak in Mérida, Ometepe Island : El Caballito del Mar”