Life in Mérida, Ometepe Island – Nicaragua

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Ometepe is a famous island within the lake Nicaragua (locate it on the map). It has been formed by two volcanoes, that’s why the island has still the shape of two circles, which are divided by the Istián river.
The highest volcano, called Concepción, is still active and erupted for the last time in 2010. The other one, el volcán Maderas, is extinct and its last eruption happened more than 4000 years ago.

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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The inhabitants of Ometepe, los isleños like we call them here, are extremely lucky because they have everything they need to survive, thanks to their access to water. They are not only surrounded by one amongst the largest lakes in the world, but also have infinite fresh water running down directly from the volcanoes. While water is rare and very expensive in other parts of Nicaragua, in Mérida for example (a small village in Ometepe island), water costs less than 1 US$ a month for an unlimited use!

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Lodging & Kayak in Mérida, Ometepe Island : El Caballito del Mar

El Caballito del Mar – Accomodation & Kayak tours

Kayaks - El Caballito del Mar - Mérida, Ometepe Island, NicaraguaMérida, Isla de Ometepe (Map)
Phone (main) : +505 88 42 61 20
Phone (other) : +505 84 51 20 93

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Fernando - El Caballito del Mar - Mérida, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Fernando at El Caballito del Mar – March 2014

Tired of working in Spain, his home country, Fernando went to explore many parts of Nicaragua in 2006. When he arrived to Ometepe Island, he discovered the village of Mérida, and a particular place where passes the “river” Istian that connects the eastern and the western parts of the island.

Fernando went fishing on the river and discovered lots of Caymens, Tortugas, Monkeys, Iguanas and even the rare bird Martin Pescador.

He also realized that this amazing paradise was totally unknown and thus very hard for travellers to see it. With his associate, Luis Adolfo, who is native of Mérida, they decided to create this amazing project of El Cabillito del Mar offering to travellers from around the world to go kayaking all along el Rio Istian, and also offering them an amazing place to stay, to eat and to drink 😉 of course, in a wonderful atmosphere.


El Caballito del Mar offers a total of 3 rooms:

  • Dorm (4 beds): 6$.
  • Private room (double bed and two single beds): 18$.
  • Cabaña (double bed and single bed, private bathroom, hot water): 30$.

The dorm and the private rooms have shared bathrooms.

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