José Martí, the Cuban hero figure

Jose Marti

Havana, 2011

José Martí (born in 1853) is an extremely important character in the Cuban history and is still very present in Cubans’ mind.
There are monuments representing him almost everywhere in Havana as he was the most important figure fighting against the Spanish colonialism.

José Martí represents for Cubans the figure of the accomplished man : a philosopher, a writer, a politician, a poet and a hero killed in a battle against Spanish at the age of 42.

For Fidel Castro, Martí is the “ideological architect of the revolution”.

Lack of medicines in Cuba

Pharmacy in Havana, Cuba

Havana, 2011

“La farmacia”

There is a serious shortage of drugs in Cuba. Most of the pharmacies have many empty shelves like this one here on the picture.

Lots of Cubans abroad help their friends and families by sending them drugs from other countries.
So if you’re going to Cuba soon, you know what you can bring with you to support Cubans.