The butterflies’ secret.. a tale by a city girl

IMG_1317Northern Thailand, the countryside with its ever lasting green lands, I take a deep breath of real fresh air and admire the surroundings. We just landed at Sakon Nakhon’s airport and we’re driving to my mother’s friends family house. I’m sitting in the box of the pick up truck and relishing every second of it. Living in a big city, rarely do I get to enjoy that kind of scenery, vast green plains, very few other cars, not even a cow in sight, just us and the road. The wind is making my hair dance, while “The Pixies, Where is my mind?” is playing in my ears. I suddenly press pause on my iPod and ask myself the question for real; Where is my mind? Continue reading

The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum (Museo del Oro Precolombino)

Museo del Oro Precolombino, San José, Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica

The Pre-Colombian civilization in Costa Rica was really impressive and I’d like to take you for a quick tour into this amazing Museum in San José. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them (some of them).

Humans are believed to be present on the Costa Rican soil since 10 000 B.C.

10 000 B.C. - Pre-Columbian Gold Museum - San José, Costa Rica

Museo del Oro Precolombino, San José.

“Metalworking technology originated around 1 500 B.C. in the Central Andes, and spread north and south from there along the continent as a result of trade between groups.” Continue reading