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Become a partner of the Travel Smart Boutique!

The Travel Smart Boutique is a project of international commerce having for goal to support artisans all over the developing countries by offering them the opportunity to sell their wonderful and unique pieces all over the world through Internet or direct selling.
Becoming a partner of the Travel Smart Boutique allows you to get directly to your home address unique amazing products coming from incredible countries. This plan is specially designed for people who live in developed countries, a bit more settled down than us, and who have good selling skills and would like to make some money, enjoy wonderful stuff, and be part of the Travel Smart Boutique network.

How does it work?

We look for the best items for you and negotiate the prices for whole sale. We ship you the goods to your address, and we email you a PDF file with a list of the items, cost prices including shipping. Once you receive the parcel, you pay 50% of the total cost, and we pay the other 50%. That’s the initial investment. Then, you start selling at your ease and you pay us back 50% of your selling revenue. Of course other arrangements are possible, and you can choose to take more risk or less risk.

For example, we ship you 20 items with the cost of 5$ an item, including shipping.
The total bill will be then 20×5=100$. When you receive the parcel, your initial investment will be of 50$.
Let’s suppose that you sell all the items at 15$ per item. So you will make a revenue of 15×20=300$. So you send us half of it and you keep 150$ for you. If you subtract your initial investment, your benefit will be of 100$. It can go very quickly!

What kind of products?

The Travel Smart Boutique aims to sell special products, not easy to find, authentic, beautiful, good quality, mainly hand made or supporting local small manufacturers in developing countries. The products come usually from different countries in Latin America, Asia or Africa. We send you pictures and give you ideas about the opportunities and costs. We suggest to you what we think is easy to sell, but also you have to tell us what you prefer to sell depending on your local market. The products can be hand made shoes, clothes, scarfs, jewelry, hammocks, carpets, leather items, bed covers, decoration, wood items, sweets, spices, coffee, tea, essential oils, and any other products we find on our way.

How to sell?

There are many ways you can sell the products depending on your situation: in your house, at your business or workplace, on street / flea markets, to shops, on festivals, on Internet, etc.
Selling big quantities is of course much easier during big festivals or big flea markets. In that case we have to be prepared in advance and send you the required quantities.

What happens with unsold items?

Nothing happens. The items will still remain our half-shared-property. If you don’t sell them, both of us will loose our investment. But those items can still be used as samples, gifts, or be sold later.

What happens if you don’t receive the parcel?

You don’t pay anything. And we will send you another one.

What about the customs?

We send parcels in a way that they are supposed to be tax free and legally accepted without any customs fee. In case that happens we will pay for all the fees. Your investment will always remain 50% of the cost.

What about other expenses?

Renting spaces in flea markets or during big festivals is without any doubt the best way to sell. In the same time, participating in such events needs a bit of organization and some investments like driving a car to the place and pay for the space rentals. We are ready to invest with you in that case. Tell us what are your expenses and we will pay 50% of it!

 What about the money?

We hold a detailed accountancy of everything we sent you and every money you sent us. Transactions can work through PayPal or bank transfer, and we always sent you an updated file with the latest transactions. The only thing you have to tell us (by email) is the revenue you made and we will agree on a date for the payment. After a certain period, we can also count the remaining items and see together what worked the best for you to improve the experience. Of course, like all business relations, this one is also based on mutual trust. We deliver you the goods at their real prices and we expect you to declare the real revenue.

Don’t hesitate to write us all your questions. We will be very happy to help you become our partner. The best way is to try it!

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