60 days Visa for Indonesia, at Kuala Lumpur

Is it possible to have 60 days visa to Indonesia from the Embassy at Kuala Lumpur?

The answer is yes. I’m writing this quick post since I noticed that the information is not easy to find online, or is not recent. I also noticed that most of the information available about 2 months visa to Indonesia is about the Embassy in Singapore.

We were two people, one German passport and one Canadian passport.
We did not have any previous entries to Indonesia.

Important: DO NOT go to the Embassy in short dress nor short pants.

First, you have to make an “appointment” online.
Then, when you arrive there, things are easy and clear enough.


Papers that we brought:

  • Form (you will find the form to fill at the Embassy, one copy is enough).
  • 2 passport pictures.
  • Return flight ticket (try to make a fake one, or buy one to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur).
    We also had the flight from KL to Bali.
  • Bank statements of 3 months.
  • Photocopies of passport and of the page(s) with Malaysian stamp(s).
  • 205 MYR.

That’s it. No letter, no sponsor, nothing else.

The lady in the Embassy told me that her boss is the one who takes the decisions: “it could be he will give you 30 days, or 60 days”. I said ok.

It took 3-4 days and we went back to pick up the passports with the visa.
On the first day, they will give you a receipt with the date when to come back.


Is this kind of visa renewable?

Yes. The same lady told me that in all cases (30 days or 60 days) this visa is RENEWABLE for 4 or 5 times!!


I hope this was helpful.

Please don’t hesitate to write and ask in case you need more information.


9 thoughts on “60 days Visa for Indonesia, at Kuala Lumpur

      1. Thanks Nadim. Could you also tell me if there is a schedule rule to withdraw the passeport (hours afternoon or morning?) as I can’t find anything in their website.


      2. Once you submit all the papers, they will give you a receipt with a precise date and hour to pick up the passport.
        In our case, it was after 3 or 4 days, between 1h and 2h PM. And I think it is always in the afternoon.
        So you just go back at the mentioned date and time, you take an automatic ticket from a machine to withdraw your passport. It will give you a number, and then you just wait for your number to appear on the screen. It is quite fast I think.


  1. May 2019 update for anyone who, like me, might find this post and wonder if anything has changed: also got 60 days with exactly the same documents as listed above, except only had (fake) flights out of, not into Indonesia. No sponsor or anything needed, everything very easy and straightforward. One German, one British passport.


    1. Hi Linda, thank you for the update info! just one question, still takes 3-4 days too get the confirmation of the Visa? Thank you.


      1. Our first appointment was on a Monday (made the appointment online), we handed in the forms and dropped off our passports; we were told to come back on Friday and received our passports back then with the visas.


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